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[Plenary Addresses] Present and Prospects of AI Utilization
Keynote Speech 1 Innovating Healthcare for the Future: The Role and Prospects of AI

In Chul Hwang

Corporate Executive Vice President (Head of AI RnD),

Samsung Electronics

Keynote Speech 2 GenAI Revelations from the Video Games Industry - Unleashed on Life Sciences

Sam Glassenberg

Founder & CEO, Level Ex

[Session 1] Introduction to AI - Use of AI in Medical Product Development
Presentation 1 The Hinge Moment: Artificial Intelligence, Human Data, and Drug Development in the 21st Century

David Reese

MD, Executive Vice President, Amgen

Presentation 2 The Potential of AI in Biopharmaceutical Development

Chaok Seok

Professor/CEO, Seoul National University/Galux

Presentation 3

AI / ML - Enabled Medical Devices:

- Further Challenges that Generative AI Poses

Johan Ordish

Head of Digital Health and Innovation Policy, Roche

Presentation 4

Open innovation for Medical AI development

- Introduction of Dr. Answer 2.0 project-

Ho-Young Lee

Professor, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

[Session 2] Transparency, Explainability, and Bias
Presentation 1 Explainability & safe use of LLMs in clinical development

Stephen Pyke

Chief Clinical Data & Digital Officer, Parexel

Presentation 2 Principles and Applications of Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Jaesik Choi

Professor, KAIST

Presentation 3 Behavioral and Human Factors Considerations for Effective and Trustworthy Health AI

Merage Ghane

Ph.D Principal Behavioral Designer, Ideas42

Presentation 4 Algorithmic Bias, Old and New

Arjun Manrai

PhD, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics,

Harvard Medical School

Presentation 5 Gap Exposed by AI: Bias from Legal Perspective and from Medical Perspective

Won Bok Lee

Professor, Ehwa Law School

Presentation 6 Tools for transparency: from data to development to device

Alastair Denniston

Hon Professor, University of Birmingham

Presentation 7 Transparency of AI from User's Perspective

Seong Ho Park

Professor, University of Ulsan College of Medicine

[Session 3] AI Technology Trends for Medical Product Development
Presentation 1

Trends and Convergence (including Standards)

- Lessons Learned from other fields

Pat Baird

Regulatory Head of Global Software Standards, Phillips

Presentation 2 Quality assurance and improvement for Machine Learning-based clinical decision support systems

Jean Feng

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, UCSF

Presentation 3 Technical Standardization Trends on AI/ML-MD Performance Evaluation

Jonghong Jeon

Principal Researcher, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

Presentation 4 The current and emerging use of AI in safety surveillance post-marketing

Andrew Bate

VP Safety Innovation and Analytics, GSK

Presentation 5 Leveraging network analysis and graph deep learning for drug discovery

Sun Kim

Professor, Seoul National University

[Session 4] Regulatory Experience on the Use of AI in Medical Products
Presentation 1 Lunit's Global Regulatory Experience and Insights.

Sunggyun Park

Chief Product Officer, Lunit

Presentation 2

Predetermined Change Control Plans

- Supporting Efficient Regulatory Oversight of AI-Enabled Products

Cassie Scherer

Senior Director of U.S. Regulatory and Global Digital Health Policy, Medtronic

Presentation 3 Industry Perspectives on Regulatory Frameworks for AI/ML in Drug Development

Ryan Hoshi

Director, Regulatory Policy & Intelligence, AbbVie

Presentation 4 Standardized patient profile review using large language models for case adjudication in observational research

Martijn Schuemie

Research Fellow, Johnson & Johnson/OHDSI

[Session 5] New Medical Products and Treatment Opportunities Using AI
Presentation 1 Unlocking rapid and safe innovation using Federated Computing

Ittai Dayan

MD, MPH, Co-founder and CEO, Rhino Health

Presentation 2 Precision Medicine at Scale: towards finding the right treatment for every patient

Joseph Lehar

PhD, Innovator · Executive · Advisor,

SVP>SAB at Owkin

Presentation 3 AI-based Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) and its Clinical Validation

Hwiyoung Kim

Professor, Yonsei University College of Medicine

Presentation 4 Current Landscape of Generative AI and Its Applications in Medicine

Kyu-Hwan Jung

Professor, Sungkyunkwan University

Presentation 5 Causal AI for Learning “Digital Twins” from Human Multi-OmicData for Drug Discovery and Clinical Development: A Cardiovascular Disease Case Study

Bruce Church

Chief Mathematics Officer, Aitia